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Tired of slow, outdated payment processing systems that cost you time and money?

At Vault Consulting Solutions (VCS), we understand the challenges businesses face.
We offer customized payment processing solutions designed to:

We cater to a variety of industries, including:

Professional Services

Hospitality & Restaurants






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Vault Consulting Solutions

Your Trusted Partner for Secure, Efficient Payment Processing.

Vault Consulting Solutions (VCS) empowers Maryland businesses with a comprehensive suite of financial solutions to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and achieve growth. From secure payment processing and user-friendly POS systems to expert payroll services and insightful business analytics, VCS offers a customized approach to unlocking your business potential. We help businesses manage cash flow, accept all major payment methods, streamline back-office tasks, and make data-driven decisions.

Payment Processing

Tired of slow and expensive payment processing? VCS helps Maryland businesses accept payments securely and efficiently, with transparent pricing and cutting-edge technology.
Payment Processing


Feeling overwhelmed by payroll tasks? VCS simplifies payroll processing for Maryland businesses, ensuring accuracy and compliance while freeing up your valuable time.

E Commerce

Take your Maryland E-commerce business to the next level with VCS’s comprehensive solutions.
E Commerce

Lending Solutions

Does your business need a financial boost? VCS offers a variety of lending solutions to Maryland businesses, helping you secure the funding you need to grow.
Lending Solutions

Point of Sale

Is your outdated POS system slowing you down? VCS offers a wide range of advanced POS systems designed to meet the specific needs of Maryland businesses.
Point of Sale


Feeling lost in a sea of data? VCS unlocks the power of data for Maryland businesses with Business Analytics solutions.

Save Time and Money with Our Payment Solutions

Vault Consulting Solutions is a Business Solutions Provider specializing in electronic payments technologies. We help businesses nationwide improve efficiency, increase revenue and reduce overall operating costs. We do this by providing Best-In-Class Payment, Payroll HR, Point of Sale, Customer Engagement and Lending Solutions.

Streamline Your Maryland Business

Simplify operations and boost efficiency with our localized financial solutions for Maryland businesses.

Unlock Growth in Maryland

Achieve your business goals with our customized approach and expert financial guidance tailored to Maryland's business landscape.

Maryland Payment Processing & Security

Experience peace of mind with our secure technology, ensuring compliance with Maryland regulations and safeguarding your business.

Data-Driven Success in Maryland

Gain a competitive edge with local market insights and innovative financial solutions from your trusted Maryland partner, Vault Consulting Solutions.


Show traditional processing fees the door.

Vault Consulting Solutions was founded on the principles of honesty, integrity and providing businesses fair, clear solutions that cut through the smoke and mirrors of a relentless industry. Putting customers first has enabled our sales professionals to truly help their clients while simultaneously allowing them to build wealth and a six figure income through uncapped commissions, lifetime residuals and portfolio equity.


Discover the Vault  Difference

  • Boost Commissions & Reduce Expenses: VCS streamlines your back-office tasks like expense tracking and commission calculations, allowing you to focus on closing deals and maximizing your commissions.
  • Seamless Integration & Mobile Solutions: Effortlessly manage your finances on the go with VCS’s mobile-friendly solutions and seamless integrations with popular CRM and sales tools.

  • Effortlessly Manage Grants & Donations: Simplify grant and donation management with VCS’s user-friendly tools and expert guidance on complex regulations. Streamline financial reporting and free up your time to focus on securing funding and fulfilling your mission.
  • Maximize Impact, Reduce Costs: Maximize your impact with VCS’s cost-effective financial solutions designed specifically for non-profits. Streamline operations and free up valuable staff time to better serve your community.


  • Strengthen Your Finances, Empower Members: Strengthen your organization’s financial health with VCS’s comprehensive suite of financial services. Ensure your financial well-being and focus on serving your members.
  • Offer Valuable Resources: Empower your members with access to valuable financial resources, educational programs, and industry expertise through your partnership with VCS.